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Monday, February 18, 2019
Visible Light Communication

10 Times Faster Than 5G; VLC Technology Unveiled in Chongqing

August 24th, the world's first commercial-grade, ultra-wideband Visible Light Communication (VLC) chipset was unveiled at the debut of the Zhibo Fair in...
rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout IS Salmon, Says Chinese Aquatics Alliance

Despite backlash the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) has declared the two species Rainbow Trout and Salmon are the...

Comatose Anorexic Wakes up; Forgets Disorder

21-year-old girl, Xiao Qian, a previous sufferer of extreme Anorexia Nervosa  on the brink of death, suddenly awoke from a coma and...
China child trafficking

China’s Child Trafficking Problem its Unwanted Children

A young couple from eastern China’s Hubei province, who sold their baby girl online for ¥65,000, has brought the country’s child trafficking...
Chinese Valentines Day

Was Romeo and Juliet Inspired by Chinese Valentines Day?

Today, you would have probably heard, is Chinese Valentines Day, a day much like its Western counterpart, whereby restaurants have an excuse...
Fan Bingbing tax evasion

No Fan Bingbing for Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson

Chinese acting royalty and illustrious Fan Bingbing has seen her name tainted of late as her company continues to be embroiled in...
china rural demographics

Have More Babies! China’s Concerns Over Aging Demographics

Slogans, posters, musicals and speeches; this has been China’s chosen method of mass communication for almost a century, the most recent of...
China's street dogs headache

Nothing on the Menu; Tackling China’s Street Dogs Headache

The world has the general knowledge that the Chinese eat dog meat, and that dogs are not slaughtered in a humane manner. However, the...
China sponsorship

High-Speed Train Sponsorship Reveals Future of Advertising

Many an alert reader may well have noticed that sponsorship has started appearing on the exterior of China’s now-legendary, high-speed trains. As the most...
Tik Tok privacy

Tik Tok to Launch Age-Appropriate Child Protection Measures

Whenever a person creates a social media profile, they are actively choosing to put themselves at risk of having their personal information viewed by...
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