Jiangsu’s First Science and Technology High School Unveiled

Science & Technology High School

Jiangsu Province has celebrated the unveiling of its very first high-tech high school, the Qinshihuai Science and Technology High School; the first high-tech high school in the province, with enrolments to begin in September of 2019. 

As China presses on with its drive to innovate in the field of high tech, it makes sense that it not only pursue top talent at higher education level, but also by beginning training beforehand. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Nanjing is at the forefront for the development of high schools dedicated to top-notch studies in science and technology.

The Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau, along with the Qinhuai District Government and the Secondary School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University together, celebrated the signing and unveiling ceremony of the Qinshihuai Science and Technology High School, according to Sina News.

With a curriculum that heavily emphasises science and technology at high-school level, this is just the type of progressive and modern education needed for China to succeed when competing with the rest of the world.

With major investment from the government in the field of science and technology, high schools such as the new Qinshihuai Science and Technology high school are all set to receive just the support they need.

The goal of the school is to build on “high-quality modern education and highlighting the characteristics of science and technology education”, said principal Ge Jun of the associated Nanshi Fuzhong Middle School.

High schools dedicated to science and technology are not only popular in China, but are also trending around the world; innovation, after all, is a competitive place. The United States alone is home to several such high schools, including The McLain, Infinity Math, as well as Springfield and Carmen Middle/High Science and Technology High School.