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Gateways to the West; 40 Years of Nanjing-St. Louis Sisterhood

Gateways to the West; 40 Years of Nanjing-St. Louis Sisterhood

In 1978, China began her period of Reform and Opening Up (găigé kāifàng; 改革开放). One of the ways China opened up to...
English Proletarian Takes on 1970s Nanjing

English Proletarian Takes on 1970s Nanjing

“You must understand that if a Zhongguoren, a Chinese person, had done what you have done, he might be executed”.

Botanic Green Cures to China’s Pollution Woes

It started in the kitchen, as most good things do. The steam that made the lids dance on the pots and pans...

Belts, Roads & Botanical Threats to Biodiversity

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to bring infrastructure investment, leading to massive increases in trade, to regions along the former...

Oldest this, Oldest that, Oldest Flower; Nanjinganthus

"This shouldn’t be here. … This species has been extinct since the Cretaceous period", Paleobotanist, Ellie, in the movie “Jurassic Park” notes...

Their Home Expatria; Third Culture Kids & their Global Impact

To be born and raised in the same town, attend the same school and continue on to a local university is fast...

Human on the Inside; Phoenix Man #RichKidofChina

As the rough equivalent of the Gatsbies of the West, the Chinese term, “Phoenix Man”, usually refers to Chinese men who were...
Sino Gatsby

Sino Gatsby; Disposable Culture’s Flickering Green Light

Fitzgerald’s enigmatic anti-hero in “The Great Gatsby” has seen a resurgence in popularity at the dawn of the 21st Century as a...
Former British Embassy

Nanjing’s Former Embassies; Reliving Republican Glamour

It is so hard to imagine China’s flapping days of luxury; Nanjing’s pockets of glitz and glamour, before it all took...
Nanjing Flight Simulator

Flight Attendants; Purses to Automatic & Shop Check

A Chinese-UK couple, who met in university, have succeeded in their dream of building a Boeing 737 flight simulator here in Nanjing. Now they...
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