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china rural demographics

Have More Babies! China’s Concerns Over Aging Demographics

Slogans, posters, musicals and speeches; this has been China’s chosen method of mass communication for almost a century, the most recent of...
China's street dogs headache

Nothing on the Menu; Tackling China’s Street Dogs Headache

The world has the general knowledge that the Chinese eat dog meat, and that dogs are not slaughtered in a humane manner. However, the...
China sponsorship

High-Speed Train Sponsorship Reveals Future of Advertising

Many an alert reader may well have noticed that sponsorship has started appearing on the exterior of China’s now-legendary, high-speed trains. As the most...
Tik Tok privacy

Tik Tok to Launch Age-Appropriate Child Protection Measures

Whenever a person creates a social media profile, they are actively choosing to put themselves at risk of having their personal information viewed by...
jeering suicide girl

Girl’s Suicide Goaded by Jeering Onlookers

On Thursday, 21 June, a 19-year-old girl sat on the edge of the roof of an eight-floor mall in Qingyang, Gansu Province, and listened...
China smoking movies

Smoking Scenes in Chinese Movies a Dying Breed

Smoking scenes in Chinese movies and television series are seeing a major decline. While the country itself is still the world’s largest tobacco consumer,...
So called "travel trains" to open in China

Spice up Your Summer; 17 Cross-Country Travel Trains to Open

Nanjing is one of the lucky recipient cities of a recent decision by the Shanghai Railway Group to open up 17 new designated Travel...
picture perfect China

Picture Perfect; Desire for Online Recognition Mirrored in China

As China’s most difficult college entrance exam, the “Gao Kao” (高考), takes place today and tomorrow, students across the nation have been scrambling to...

Salmon at Prices too Good to be True a Serious Health Risk

Wealthy Chinese diners have developed a taste for raw salmon and wasabi, but concerns over the former’s true safety have recently risen. Over the past...
aussie rules diplomacy

Aussie Rules Diplomacy; Playing to Repair Political Relations

A new beginning for relations between Australia and China has has materialised as diplomacy efforts from the Australian Football League (AFL) saw the Gold...
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