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Saturday, August 18, 2018
UK student visa for Chinese

UK Student Visa Process Streamlined for Chinese Students

The British Embassy in Beijing has recently issued a press release that details the UK’s recent decision to relax the country’s process for Chinese...
Jiangsu tourists in Canada bus crash

Canada Bus Crash; One Dead & 24 Jiangsu Tourists Injured

Canadian news has revealed a number of people from a Jiangsu tour group have been injured and at least one has died in a...
insider trading

Nanjinger Jailed in US for Insider Trading

Google searches into insider trading have landed a Nanjing man in an American jail for 15 to 30 months. The imprisoned has also been...
Nanjing Cambridge University

Nanjing Cambridge Uni to Solidify China International Education

The UK's biggest study-abroad fair, showcasing 74 of the worlds universities that teach courses in English, was recently held in Manchester and London. China's...
Chinese as a Second Language

You Say “Dofu”, I Say “Toufu”; The Global Rise of Mandarin

“Better start learning Mandarin!”, was the phrase of the early 2000’s, as more and more people returned from trips to China with a deeper...
Adoption at Washington Embassy

Adopted Boy from Nanjing Attends Embassy CNY Bash in Washington

A New Year celebration at the Chinese Embassy in Washington Monday evening included the touching attendance of 70 American families who have one thing...
Nanjing on Social Media

“Nanjwitter Instajing”; Blocked Social Media Sites Promote Nanjing Tourism

Nanjing has joined the ranks of other cities in eastern China that have teamed up with an international public relations outfit to provide western...

An Emmy and Global TV Debut Raise Massacre Awareness Abroad

Nanjing student, who is studying at Columbia University, has won an Emmy for her one-minute microfilm Nanjing Peacemaker. Luo Yiyun shot the film using only...
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