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updated 1:13 PM UTC, Sep 20, 2017
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Taobao Teams with Police to Target Child Traffickers

September 20, 2017 by Renee Gray

Taobao is helping out local police from all over the country to help track down...

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World's Biggest Hamleys Toy Store Opens in Jiangsu

September 20, 2017 by admin6

The second Hamleys store in China embraces its grand opening in the Sanpower International Plaza in...

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Nanjing Man Detained for Selling VPNs

September 19, 2017 by Frank Hossack

The nationwide crackdown on surfing banned websites in China has snapped close to home in...

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Virtual Art Exhibition vs. Child Poverty…

For 10 consecutive days this summer, Aha School took 130,000 Chinese children on a virtual tour of some o...

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Who Do You Serve?

Having clarity or confusion in answering this simple question will either drive all the right behaviour o...

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Local Reviews

Sandwiches Cut Diagonally Just Taste Better, Like Pizza

Affable Canadian Shaun Hanna is one crafty fella. Over a year ago, toying with the idea of opening a pizza shop in Nanjing, he figured what better way to acquire the necessary knowledge than to write his thesis on the...

Local Stories

Bells of Nanjing Bike Share Ding Ding Fall Silent

The fluorescent green flare of Nanjing based bike-sharing startup Ding...

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International Preschools Nanjing's Latest Fad and Fashion

Nanjing’s progression to a first tier city is highlighted by the devel...

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Nanjing's Gulou District Awoken Early by Massive Blast

Residents of Dafang, Gulou district were abruptly woken this morning b...

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Fighting Congestion with Bureaucracy; Clampdown on Bike APPs

Riding on the waves of new enterprise, bike sharing apps positioned in...

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Regional Stories

Fancy Lunch in Shanghai? 1 Hour Journey Time to…

Start scanning the menus of your favourite eateries in Shanghai, for b...

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Martial Artist Catches Worker whose Scaffolding Collapsed

In scenes worthy of an action movie, a worker who fell from the side o...

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World's Biggest Hamleys Toy Store Opens in Jiangsu

The second Hamleys store in China embraces its grand opening in the Sa...

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Crime Author Arrested for 1995 Quadruple Murder; Chilling Quote

It was the morning of 19 November, 1995, and not far from Nanjing in t...

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National Stories

Sunny Skies to Stay; Government Denies Reports of VPN…

Following reports emerging in media all over the world over the past t...

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China’s Long Lost Longevity County; Bama

China’s ill and aging have begun a mass exodus to the caves of Bama in...

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Fathers' Day Transcends Cultures of East and West

Whether you are aware already or not, today on the 3rd Sunday of June...

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The Foreigners Presiding Over China’s Sporting Events

This past Saturday evening, after another impressive over-the-top Chin...

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