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updated 3:36 AM UTC, Nov 18, 2017
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Grave Cover Up in Nanjing Village vs Property Developer

November 17, 2017 by Maya Visari

10 November, and local Nanjing resident Ms. Jin told of the graves of her family...

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Emperor Hongwu would be Proud of Overpass Reconstruction

November 16, 2017 by Renee Gray

A vital Xinjiekou overpass is set to return with a nice makeover; the bridge will...

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Retired Revelers Reap Benefits of Free Jiangsu KTV

November 15, 2017 by Renee Gray

In Nanjing, recently launched was the “Sunshine Entertainment Sunset Glow" project, aimed at benefitting the...

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How Do You Define Success?

Gathering with old classmates at school reunions is without a doubt a very exciting experience, bringing ...

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Saving Face; the Art of Surveillance

Some days it’s hard not to envy the “baoan” (security guard) where I live as I heave tearing plastic bags...

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Local Stories

Nanjing Metro Line 5 Setbacks; Too Many Relics in…

At some point in the not so distant future, Nanjing’s metro line 5 wil...

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Top Transplant Specialist Stabbed in Nanjing Hospital

The morning of 17th February began at 8.30am with a vicious attack on ...

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Generation Opinion; The Nanjing Massacre

79 years ago, the Japanese invaded Nanjing, or as it is was known back...

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Nanjing Man Sentenced to 9 Years for Doctor Attack

23 June, Nanjing, saw defendant Zhao sentenced to nine years imprisonm...

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Regional Stories

Jiangsu Issues 2017 Foreign Permanent Resident Cards

The Ministry of Public Security decided to start officially using 2017...

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Jiangsu Students Sell Personal Data for Commission

On 14 September, Jiangsu Xuzhou police announced they had uncovered a ...

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Nasty Nantong Nanny Goes Ninja on Employer

51 year old Nanny (ayi) Mrs. Chen from Nantong, was filmed attacking h...

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Jiangsu Olympic Madman Tragically Dies in Argentina

Jiangsu’s Chen Guanming, known as the “Olympic Madman” in China and ac...

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National Stories

Dark Days Ahead; China to Ban Individual VPN Access…

China’s latest crackdown on Internet restrictions has people predictin...

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China Executes Party Boss and Playwright Zhao Liping

Former Chinese police chief and politician Zhao Liping from Inner Mong...

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China Spotlight; 74th Venice Film Festival

Actively promoting the Chinese film industry was on 22 June the “Focus...

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Didi English Service in Trial Run

Halleluiah, traveling about town just got so much easier! Owners of Ub...

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