Pizza Express China Arm in Nanjing

Pizza Express China Arm in Nanjing

Is Pizza Marzano the same as the British Pizza Express? Yes… and no.

Yes in so far as Pizza Marzano is the China arm of the infamous UK name; no in so far as it is no longer British, being bought by the Chinese in 2014. No surprises there, then.

In 1965, Peter Boizot founded PizzaExpress in London, as a brand of chain restaurants dedicated to Italian-flavoured, authentic pizza. Needless to say, this begs the question, is this the same quality of pizza as the UK original? Absolutely. Is there a better pizza elsewhere in Nanjing? The Nanjinger will stick its neck out and say, probably not. That it’s a chain is just a little sad reflection on local entrepreneurs.

While not exactly a well-kept secret, still a large part of the local foreign population is sadly ignorant of the brand’s presence in Nanjing. The other part is a convert. Convert to an impressive menu, for a start. The range of pizzas is both extensive and creative, with prices from ¥58 to ¥128.

That the moniker be a little misleading is reflected in the fact that Pizza Marzano is a lot more than sumptuous pizza; classic Italian starters such as Prosciutto e Melon and Carpaccio di Salmone Affumicato (the latter rendered as Rainbow Trout on the English translation); Australian steaks and salads, as well as pasta and risotto dishes for mains.

Then there come the desserts, and therein our only criticism; our Chess Tiramisu came virtually straight from the freezer.

Last but not least, a selection of “house blends” make for a difficult choice indeed; do I fancy Lychee & Rose Soda, Mango & Ginger Cooler, Blueberry Iced Tea or Hot Apple Cider? And did I mention that the beer selection also includes Peroni, both bottled and draught? Convert.

Pizza Marzano has two locations in Nanjing, both in Golden Eagle malls; in Xianlin (Phase 2) and Hexi.

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Frank Hossack
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