Southern Capital Seized by Girl Power


Girl Gone International (GGI), a non-profit international community, based in over 140 cities around the world and a community solely for women, has now made its way to Nanjing. GGI hosted its launch event at Finnegans Wake Irish Bar on 31 March. In a private room upstairs, cocktails flowed as did opportunities to become acquainted. With ages ranging from 20 to 50 years, the event was truly international, with women attending from the United States, England, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

“We chose an evening of cocktails as the choice for this event because it is casual and easy for the ladies to get to know each other”, stated Kate Hill, Nanjing’s GGI Support Manager.

Although turnout was exceptional and the majority of the women left with a smile on their face, the event still could have used a little sprucing up when it came to creativity. A fun activity at the beginning, in order to help break the ice, and perhaps throughout the evening to help fill awkward silences, may have been beneficial.

“It was really refreshing to get together with a bunch of expat women from all over the world and from different occupations. The event was really relaxed and I hope the next one will also have a good turnout and have a bit more guided interaction”, said 28-year-old expat Kristine from the United States.

As the night progressed, conversations ranged from silly to serious. Some women discussed how it is meaningful being adults with newfound confidence and freedom, in comparison to their teenage years. Other women had more light-hearted conversations, on topics such as restaurants to avoid in Nanjing that may result in food poisoning.

“GGI is a good forum for us to share the resources we have with each other and have the opportunity to come to the group when we need company. I love that it is an organization by women and for women”, stated Dawn from South Africa.

Taylor Jones, Community Manager for Nanjing, hopes that GGI can be a great source for support, friendship and just an all-around relaxing time for women, as well as a place to ask questions so that women who are new to Nanjing are not navigating life abroad completely blind.

With Girl Gone International’s launch event a success, the Nanjing women who were in attendance are excited to meet up again. Future events will include wine and canvassing nights, clothing swaps, a hiking day and much more.

Contact GGI in Nanjing via WeChat; ID: reno375

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Stacy Dahl
Stacy Dahl is an American expat living in Nanjing, writing for for her university's newspaper throughout college as well as several other magazines and newspapers in Minnesota. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, reading, hiking and satisfying her coffee addiction. Stacy Dahl是一名美国外籍人士,居住在中国南京。 她在大学期间为她的大学报纸以及明尼苏达州的其他几家杂志和报纸写信。 在空闲时间,她喜欢旅行,阅读书籍,徒步旅行,并满足她的咖啡瘾。