1/2 Kilo of Heroin Trafficked in Nanjing Bonnie & Clyde Style

Heroin Surrender in Nanjing

In a story reminiscent of legendary criminal husband and wife team Bonnie and Clyde, on Saturday, 24 February, the Gulou Public Security Bureau received an almost unbelievable report from the Nanjing Police Department. According to the report, a man surnamed Ma from Henan province notified the police that he had recently swallowed 500 grams of heroin and was on the run from a drug dealer. 

According to popular web portal Sina, Ma’s initial plan was to meet the drug dealer in Zhenjiang. When Ma realized that he was unable to discharge the 500 grams of heroin from his body, he fled from Zhenjiang to Nanjing in fear of his life. Once reaching Nanjing, Ma immediately phoned the police and informed them of his sticky situation. 

With the help of Nanjing doctors, 54 packages of heroin were successfully removed from Ma’s body. One of the bags had broke, but luckily for Ma it was removed from his body before any damage could be done. 

As ludicrous as Ma’s situation may seem, Nanjing had another incident which The Nanjinger reported on 23 June, that involved six men smuggling drugs into Nanjing. The convicted smuggled drugs into tires, mattresses and various other objects, with one man going so far as to ingest the heroin. 

“As of 2016, the number of known drug users in China rose 6.8 percent to 2.505 million. Of these, 38 percent used opiates such as heroin”, reported the South China Morning Post

After coming forth to the police and undergoing Drug Excretion Surgery, Ma and his wife, Hao Mou, were thoroughly investigated. On 7 April, the criminal masterminds Ma and Hao were arrested at the Nanjing South Railway Station.

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Stacy Dahl
Stacy Dahl is an American expat living in Nanjing, writing for for her university's newspaper throughout college as well as several other magazines and newspapers in Minnesota. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, reading, hiking and satisfying her coffee addiction. Stacy Dahl是一名美国外籍人士,居住在中国南京。 她在大学期间为她的大学报纸以及明尼苏达州的其他几家杂志和报纸写信。 在空闲时间,她喜欢旅行,阅读书籍,徒步旅行,并满足她的咖啡瘾。