Events Key to Milestones for EUCCC Nanjing


For most European companies business in China, 2013 was personified by a decrease in financial performance while major challenges remained; labour costs, slow growth in both the home market and China, along with competition and regulatory barriers. While China is still a top three destination for the future investment of Foreign companies the key drivers for future development are likely to be those of rule-of-law and transparent policy making.

So says the 2013 Business Confidence Survey undertaken by the European Chamber of Commerce in China. A key driving force behind the opinions revealed by the survey has been EUCCC members presence and participation at key events held over the last 12 months.

Nanjing is but one of the seven chapters of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, yet it managed to put on an impressive series of 33 events throughout 2013. Notable among them were the influential dialogues with local and provincial governments, that offered key European business leaders the opportunity to address issues face to face with governmental officials, at last getting answers to at least some of their questions.

Such an ambitious list of both professional and social functions was made only possible by the assistance of many members of the Chamber who contributed their services, as speakers for events, or in other roles, and many high profile individuals and entities that are peripheral yet essential to the EUCCC’s role. Key figures to have contributed to the Chamber’s events in 2013 included Alberto Bradanini, Italian Ambassador in China and Vincenzo De Luca, Italian Consul in Shanghai; Mr. Wilhelm Hummerjohann, Director Human Resources of BASF-YPC Company Limited; Mr. Deng Bin, Director of Deloitte and Huang Ming, Professor of Finance at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School).

As we head toward Chinese New Year, EUCCC Nanjing has released its planned schedule of events for 2014, highlights of which include the EU Chamber 10th Anniversary Cocktail Party (21 Feb), Corporate Social Responsibility Award (14 Mar), Spring Garden Party (19 Apr), Europe Day (10 May) and the Jiangsu Government dialogue (8 Jun & 18 Nov).

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Frank Hossack
Editor-in-chief and Music Critic, Frank Hossack, has been a radio host and producer for the past 34 years, the past 25 of which working in media in China, in the process winning four New York Festivals awards for his work, in the categories Best Top 40 Format, Best Editing, Best Director and Best Culture & The Arts. 贺福是我们杂志的编辑和音乐评论员,在过去的34年里一直从事电台主持和电台制片的工作。在中国有近25年的媒体工作经验。工作期间他曾经四次获得过纽约传媒艺术节大奖,分别是世界前40强节目奖,最佳编辑奖,最佳导演奖以及最佳文化艺术奖。

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