Nanjing’s Job Market Competition Sees Growth in Skills Over Manpower

Nanjing job market

The “Report on the Demand for Employers and White-Collar Talents in Nanjing for the Summer of 2018” has revealed that the average urban monthly salary in the city’s job market has risen to ¥7,660.

Nanjing government statistics for 2015 showed that the average urban income per month was ¥3,842, suggesting that 2018’s summer average monthly salary in the Nanjing job market has surpassed original predictions. According to the Yangtze Evening News, Nanjing’s most competitive positions are in the fields of finance, audit, tax, real estate, banking and other senior management jobs.

As initially reported by Jiangsu publication, the Yangtze Evening News, this new figure places Nanjing 8th against 37 major cities nationwide.

The minimum wage in Nanjing is set at ¥3,500 per month. Those urban residents whose earnings lie within the of ¥4,000 – ¥6,000 bracket account for 35.5 percent of the total, while those striking higher salaries, considered to be ¥8,000 or more, account for 28.8 percent. Nanjing employees working in certain industries, such as funds, securities or investment now enjoy an average monthly salary of ¥9,058.

Furthermore, as per the 2018 survey results, 2,151 salary profiles revealed positions such as innovation strategist, validation manager and dentists are among the highest paid with a gross salary well over ¥1,000,000. Producers, sales managers and analysts are among the lowest paid, earning an average ¥60,000 per year.

The survey also revealed the biggest spike in salary increase for China was indeed 2015, after which salaries dropped, only to rise again. Experts are advising employment seekers to pay attention to the job market and the development of trends, so as to “cultivate their vocational knowledge and skills and improve their competitiveness”.

Males earn significantly more than females, at an average ¥340,167; females are earning on average ¥225,804 per year. People holding doctorate degrees are paid a whopping average of ¥393,427 per year, while those holding a mere Bachelor degree can receive ¥238,810 annually.

As companies continue to increase salaries and the government continues to raise the minimum wage, China will maintain a healthy path to living comfortably under its increasingly lucrative job market and new high standard of living.

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Renée Gray Beaumont
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