Mouldy Food Puts High Speed Train Catering Company Under Fire

Photo courtesy Southern City Newspaper / Sina Weibo Pictures

Passengers traveling south from Beijing to Wuhan have called out the country’s high speed train catering company for serving them highly toxic food, whereby large quantities of mould had accumulated on the bottom of th rice.

A Mr. Zhu and a Mr. Xia had bought two lunch box sets in the dining car on the train. However, the two were disgusted, when after opening the lid they found the meal to smell badly of mildew. Xia and Zhu both claim to have not even having finished eating their meals before experiencing vomiting and diarrhoea.

Choosing not to seek compensation, Zhu warned that food that is this mouldy is extremely toxic and asked the train to investigate the cause and inform him of their findings.

The following day, the Guangzhou Gaotie (high speed train) responded on their Weibo official Chinese social media account saying they would immediately investigate and remove that batch of products the same day. A suspension of  Shanghai Xincheng Food’s catering service was also put in place.