To Slash or Not to Slash; Career Choices for Younger Generations

To Slash or Not to Slash; Career Choices for Younger

No longer satisfied with a boring “one-job” lifestyle, more and more young people are choosing a multi-career and multi-identity life. The trend has given rise to the latest buzzword, one used to distinguish between their various professions; say hello to “slash”.

Consider that Walter Elias Disney is described as a dubber/director/producer/animator/entrepreneur, and the choice of slash as descriptor becomes obvious, if not downright sensible.

Nacho, a Nanjinger, lives such a slash lifestyle. Many go to his establishment and think he is just a restauranteur, not realising he is more than just the owner; he is also the lounge singer, the band’s bassist and composer. 

“Actually, running the restaurant is going to be my side business now”, Nacho told The Nanjinger. Spending most of his busy life touring around the country with singers, for the rest of the time his band travels to different cities to perform. There is little time for work in his own restaurant at present.

Sounds like quite a life, doesn’t it? Can anyone be a slash? With the answer to that most likely in the negative, it emerges that one need also be qualified to take such many roles.

Beginning with purpose, some people want to be a slash so as to have an experienced life; they wish to live more colourfully and do not want to spend all their time and energy working.

A hobby that has persisted may be another prerequisite. The ancient Chinese literati, Zhang Dai, in his book, “A Dream of Taoan”, wrote, “We can’t make friends with people who don’t have hobbies, because this kind of man doesn’t have feelings”. 

The difference between young slashes and the older generations who have pursuits outside of work is that there are now more opportunities to make money. Those who have something they are good at have the opportunity to be a young slash. That is also to say, if not proficient in hobbies outside of work, slash will not be knocking at the door anytime soon. 

Those good at managing their time and multi-tasking, and those who are disciplined may also make good slash material; slash means more freedom, but freedom is a result of self-discipline. Those determined to put in more effort and with work-life balance skills might also cut it as a slash.

It is inevitable to be asked by parents as to that we want to be when we grow up, yet a constant truth is also that challenges and opportunities coexist. In order to pursue a more productive life in the present, slashes take the risk of undercutting their major career development. 

After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. A price is always behind every good thing in this world. Restauranteurs/guitarists/bassists/composers take note.